Fisher & Paykel Top Mount Fridges

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Fisher & Paykel’s top freezer fridges combine large storage capacity with innovative, top-of-the-line features for the most efficient refrigerating experience on the market. Take advantage of the highly practical ActiveSmart™ system, which automatically adjusts fridge temperature in accordance with exterior conditions, like room temperature, to ensure that all items receive the level of cooling they need.

In so doing, ActiveSmart™ technology helps food and beverages last longer. Other features include adjustable glass shelves, so that you can rearrange the space inside your top freezer fridge at your convenience, and a humidity control system, which will ensure that your produce stays fresher for longer.

When you purchase a Fisher & Paykel top freezer fridge, you’ll be saving money while you help save the environment, as all models boast commendable Energy Star ratings.

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