Dyson Electric Heaters

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In Australia, we can be subjected to weather extremes, sometimes within a single day but definitely throughout the year. To keep your home or office at the right temperature regardless of what it says on the thermometer, Dyson has created a line of fan heaters that will either cool your premises or warm them up, depending on your current needs.

Wonderfully, Dyson’s fan heaters will deliver warmth that can be felt even when you’re across the room. Likewise, high airflow will be used when you need to cool down, so you’ll rapidly feel the effects of your target temperature.

Dyson models are built with precision in mind, so if you want a room to be 24 degrees Celsius, you’ll get exactly 24. And the integrated Intelligent Thermostat will keep your temperature constant, regardless of exterior fluctuations, so you’ll always get exactly what you want with a Dyson fan heater.

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