Dyson Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Discover compact, powerful cleaning with Dyson barrel vacuum cleaners. Engineered using Ball technology to allow easier steering around obstacles. The streamlined body also helps to prevent snagging so you can get your cleaning done hassle free.

Dyson barrel vacuums are powered by Cinetic science bringing you Dyson’s most efficient cyclone yet capturing dust, dirt and microscopic particles. Use the extended wand to clean high and low for an all round house clean. Once your house is sparkling like never before, hygienically eject the dirt by driving out dust and debris with just a push of a button. Dyson’s selection of animal barrel vacuums are specially designed for the pet owning family. Powerful suction ensures that all pet fur is collected easily and efficiently.

With a wide selection of features and functionality, there’s a Dyson vacuum to suit any household, big or small. Shop the extensive range of barrel vacuum cleaners online today and discover the Dyson difference.

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