Dyson V7 - Handheld & Stick Vacuums

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From hardwood floor boards to woolen carpet, the Dyson V7 range allows quick and easy cleaning all throughout your home. Engineered for all floor types, the Dyson V7 Cordfree Vacuum has a direct-drive cleaner head that drives deep into carpet to remove even settled-in dirt and dust.

Lightweight and balanced, so you can reach new heights while also easily cleaning under and in between furniture with a low profile head. The Dyson V8 allows you to give your home a full-cleanse from ceiling to floor.

Dyson designs vacuums for the modern house owner. All Dyson cord-free vacuums are quickly and easily converted into a handheld for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and reaching difficult places. Conveniently store your vacuum at the docking station when your done and immediately start charging, so it’s always ready to go next time you need it. Discover the secret to a cleaner home - shop the Dyson range today.

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