DeLonghi Freestanding Ovens

When you think of an upright or freestanding oven, you won’t necessarily associate it with style. But Delonghi proves that functionality, durability and a modern, sleek design can go together perfectly, as demonstrated by the brand’s line of chic freestanding ovens.

Delonghi invites European design and sophistication into your home, helping to create a kitchen all your friends will envy. Delonghi’s wall ovens have many features for more effective cooking in a safer environment. A Delonghi oven will deliver the temperature you need quickly and seamlessly, through one of the coil-formed heating elements.

Take advantage of the brand’s innovative cooling system, which will help reduce heat more rapidly inside the oven while preventing the oven door from heating up in the first place. And for your family’s comfort and safety, after you’ve switched your burner off, a red light will remain turned on until the burner is cold enough to touch.

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