DeLonghi Gas Cooktops

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Enjoy the convenience of Delonghi gas cook tops, models designed to produce maximum heat for ultimate kitchen results. First time users may be intimidated by a gas cooktop, images of tall flames appearing in their mind at the mention of the term, but Delonghi has created a seamless experience that will appease fears right away, showing that gas cooking is nothing to be afraid of.

With Delonghi’s units, all you have to do is press an electrically controlled knob to ignite the flame on the burner of your choice. Soon, you’ll see that gas cooking is more efficient than the electric alternative, as you’ll get higher temperatures more quickly, furthered by Delonghi’s inventive Triple Ring Burner technology, where gas is lit up around a burner in three different circles, assure high and even heat throughout the pan, ideal for wok style cooking and more.

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