DeLonghi Freestanding Dishwashers

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Delonghi’s dishwashers introduce European sophistication to the Australian market, with a clean, minimalist design that will add to any kitchen. But the Delonghi units should be praised for much more than their aesthetic appeal.

These dishwashers are built to deliver high quality washing without the hindrance of noisy washing. So you can go about your business while your plates and utensils are taken care of courtesy of Delonghi, without getting distracted by loud and irritating noises typical of standard dishwashers.

Beyond their discrete character, Delonghi dishwashers offer the convenience of 7 wash programs, so there will be a setting for every type of dish. A 24 hour delay start means that you can set your wash to operate when it is most convenient for you. And of course, Delonghi’s dishwashers are environmentally friendly with enviable Water and Energy Efficiency Ratings.

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