Cygnett - CY2758CPTGL - Apple Watch 4 RealCurveScreen Protector - 44mm

This product has been discontinued.
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    • SKU: CY2758CPTGL
    • GPS Enable: No
    • Wireless Sync: No
    • NFC: No

    RealCurve Screen Protector

    Most consumers experience some type of damage to their Apple Watch within the first few weeks of purchasing. RealCurve is armed with edge-to-edge double-tempered glass protection, which shields your Apple watch screen from scratches and accidental knocks. The RealCurve is also swim-proof, ensuring it maintains its position on your Apple watch when exposed to water. The inclusion of full-glue adhesive ensures you don’t loose any of Apple’s touch-screen sensitivity.

    Swim Proof

    Swim Proof

    A common frustration with screen protectors is they become easily displaced when exposed to water. RealCurve maintains is position on your Apple watch when exposed up to 10 meters of water for up 5 hours.

    Double Tempered Glass

    Double Tempered Glass

    The display on your Apple watch is most prone to every day wear and tear; so it makes sense to protect it. Our Edge-to-Edge 9H double tempered glass screen protector is an invisible solution that defends against scratches and knocks.

    Full-Glue Adhesive

    Full-Glue Adhesive

    By using a full-glue adhesive, the RealCurve screen protection can be safely applied to your watch without loosing any of the screens touch-sensitivity. There’s also an Oleophobic coating, protecting from fingerprint smudges, water and oil.

    Bubble-Free Protection

    Bubble-Free Protection

    Avoiding air bubbles is always a challenge when applying a screen protection. Thankfully, RealCurve includes Bubble-free easy application ensuring perfect integration with your Apple watch.

    Upgrade to 360° Protection

    Upgrade to 360° Protection

    Looking to protect every surface of your Apple watch. Maybe you should consider the Cygnett 360° Bundle, which combines both our RealCurve screen protector and AeroFlex bumper case.

    The Cygnett Advantage

    The Cygnett Advantage

    At Cygnett we believe that digital technology shouldn’t place boundaries. It should inspire new ways of working, playing and living. We thoroughly test our products before they arrive in your hands; ensuring you not only get the latest technology, but also the safest.

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    Additional Information

    GPS Enable No
    Wireless Sync No
    NFC No

    Manufacturer Specs

    For Apple Watch 4 (44mm)
    Swim Proof
    Double Tempered Glass Protection
    Full-Glue Adhesive
    Bubble-Free Protection
    Upgrade to 360°Protection
    The Cygnett Advantage

    Compatible With: Apple Watch 4 (44mm)

    Screen Protector Material: Full Glue 3D Edge-to-Edge 9H Double Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    Protection system: Front screen protector
    Shape: Precise cut-outs to discreetly fit in with the lines of your Apple Watch 4

    Full Glue 3D Edge-to-Edge 9H Double Tempered Glass Front Screen Protector: 1x
    Microfiber cleaning cloth: 1x
    Alcohol wipe: 1x
    Dust removing tape: 1x
    Felt-tipped bubble remover tool: 1x

    Warranty Details

    Buy with confidence at Bing Lee, knowing that all our products are sourced from Australian suppliers, are brand new, and come with full manufacturer’s warranty.

    What's in the Box?

    • 1 x Full Glue 3D Edge-to-Edge 9H Double Tempered Glass Front Screen Protector

    • 1 x Microfiber cleaning cloth

    • 1 x Alcohol wipe

    • 1 x Dust removing tape

    • 1 x Felt-tipped bubble remover tool