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Tablets and e-Readers- What You Need To Know


Tablets are mobile devices with a touch screen display that is bigger than a smartphone's. Used for browsing the internet, checking emails, reading eBooks, watching videos and playing games, they're pretty much like modern smartphones and laptops. You may ask yourself why you even need one. Well, they offer a larger screen than smartphones and are more portable than laptops. They offer the casual air of mobile phones with a touch of the executive, also making them suitable for business and leisure.

It is important for you to know what you're going to use your tablet for before you buy one. Tablets used for business are about 8.9 inches or more. They come with faster processing speed, larger internal storage space and some brands also offer a keyboard with it. If you would like it for your family, you may want a tablet that offers advanced parental control options. This prevents children from accessing inappropriate content.

When it comes to the specs, you need to consider the processor speed, the RAM and the internal storage. You need a tablet's processor speed to be appropriate to its function: business and/or pleasure. The RAM can affect the task performance of the tablet, and the internal storage space depends on how much data you want stored in your tablet.


E-Readers are mobile devices that are specifically designed for the purpose of reading digital eBooks and periodicals. If you are an avid reader, you may need to consider buying an E-Reader in addition to your tablet.

They offer better readability than tablets because of the E-ink technology offered, which allows you to read on a screen that is not back-lit, making it easier and more enjoyable to read outside. This is in comparison to the tablet, which has a back-lit screen that makes it too bright to use for reading outdoors. These devices are specific to their use, so don't expect them to have the same features as tablets. The WiFi connectivity feature is specifically for downloading new reading material.

Tablets and E-Readers may come with some accessories. Both tablets and E-Readers come with chargers and cables, optional accessories for both include cases and screen protectors. Tablets may or may not need keyboards and memory cards.

Keyboards may be used with tablets as they are convenient for business-related activities like conferences and meetings.

Memory cards offer additional storage space for people that need it and are used in tablets with a memory card slot.

Cases are important for protection from falls and scratches but are not a necessity. If you need one, choose one that fits perfectly, absorbs shock, and covers the screen as well as the rest of the tablet to prevent it all from scratches.

Screen protectors are also optional. They're used to protect the screen from scratches and dirt, especially glue or paint, which can damage the screen. Cables are used for connecting the tablet to other devices like mice, keyboards and other USB devices. Chargers are for charging the tablets' and E-Readers' batteries.