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Bing Lee's Tablet buying guide

Feeling a little behind on technology? If you are not a particularly tech savvy person you might be wondering what a tablet does and why you should want one in your life. It's such a hassle to lug your heavy laptop and with charger around with you to catch up with friends and family abroad. Smart phones have screens much smaller than your laptop and you might want a bigger screen than your smart phone to better your Instagram and Facebook stalking session - don't worry we won’t tell! Purchasing a tablet might be the right option for you. Tablets are beautiful in their own right, they are super speedy and have become one of the most popular computer devices on the market.

Essentially tablets are touch screen computers that look like oversized smart phones. Tablets are much lighter in weight than a laptop and are so simple to use that there are even apps for children - chuck a few creative and learning apps on there and they might leave you alone for a few minutes! Tablets have the capability to connect to Wi-Fi and some models can be used with a SIM card. With the right apps installed you can do virtually anything such as editing documents, video calling, GPS navigation, web browsing, watching TV shows and movies, playing music, taking photos, reading books, emailing and so much more. The world is in the palm of your hand.

Operating System

Here at Bing Lee we sell tablets that are powered by the Android operating system which has been created by Google. Each Android version released is designed to make something new possible on your device and each version is named after sweets the latest being 6.0 Marshmallow. Why would you choose an Android operating system over others? The Android operating system is more customisable than other operating systems (not just wallpapers) and the device set up is quick and easy getting you going in no time at all. The Android is fool proof and easy to use, you can drag and drop files, movies and music directly into your device by connecting it to your laptop or desktop computer. Android systems allow the user to multi task which means you can use more than one app at a time by splitting the screen. Some operating systems are designed for one user only and the only way around it is to jailbreak the device, Android on the other hand allows you to set up multiple profiles meaning you can have the one device and share it with your whole family but keep your own content to yourself. One of the best things about tablet run with the Android system is that they are generally cheaper than other tablets run on other operating systems.


Before you buy your new tablet, think about what you will need to use it for and your storage needs. Tablet storage can range anywhere from 8 GB to 128 GB and some tablets have the capability to add additional storage by way of a memory card, USB or a hard drive. Keep in mind that the Android operating system and mandatory applications will take up some of the available space so make sure you take that into account when choosing the storage space capability. If your tablet is only going to be used to browse the internet, check emails and stream on-line videos you can get away with a smaller storage space but if you intend to store files on the device such as music, movies and documents you will need more internal storage as you are saving the content in the tablet.

Size, Screen and Resolution

For most users screen resolution is a biggie. Everyone wants sharp and defined picture quality with excellent contrast and adjustable screen brightness. Tablet resolution is measured in pixels and to get that outstanding picture quality you will need to look at models with high pixel numbers. The highest pixel resolution you can get on a tablet is 2,560 x 1,600. If you intend to take your tablet with you wherever you go make sure to look for one with an anti -reflective screen layer which will enable you to use it outdoors in sunny conditions.

The right screen size for you really depends on how you intend to use your tablet. Tablet screen sizes come in 7, 8,9,10 and 12 inches.

7 Inch screen

  • Small and light weight
  • Portable and easily concealed in a purse, bag or even your jacket
  • Due to their size they are generally more affordable than larger versions
  • Convenient screen size to read eBooks
  • Text can be entered easily in landscape mode as the size is not much different from a large smart phone
  • On the downside they are not great for editing word documents, spread sheets or even viewing movies for extended periods of time.

8 Inch screen

  • Gives the user both a larger screen for productivity while still being light weight and small
  • Better option for gaming apps
  • Fine to use for editing word and spreadsheet documents however some users would still prefer a larger display
  • Text is easier to enter in portrait mode. To use the keyboard in landscape mode you might find yourself balancing the device on your lap
  • Plenty of Android options to consider

9 Inch screen

9 inch tablets were designed to provide the user with the functionality of large screens but at a less costly price. Still portable however you won’t be able to stash this device in the larger pockets of your clothing. Large handbags, briefcases or backpacks are recommended. Typing is easy in portrait mode if you lay the device down or have a tablet stand. 10 Inch screen

  • Smaller than some laptop screens but can function in pretty much the same way as laptops
  • Perfect size for video and high end game apps
  • While they may be considered to heavy to use for eBooks, they are perfect for editing documents and to use for work especially if you tend to travel a lot in your line of work.
  • Unless the device has a spit keyboard to use in landscape view you may still find it easier to use the portrait view although some models have compatible external keyboards meaning you can use the device like a laptop if you wish.
  • Much more portable than your laptop however due to its size carrying one around in your hands may not be so convenient if you intend to carry it with you wherever you go. Best to invest in a bag.

12 Inch screen

  • Designed and targeted to business users who require the same productivity you would find in the average laptop.
  • Due to their size they are not ideal for reading eBooks or simply playing games as their primary focus is to handle the same tasks as you would expect from your laptop.
  • Not the ideal size to be carried around everywhere but are great for meetings.
  • The most costly currently on the market but also the most powerful. You will however find that there is not much variety for Android models.

2 in 1's

Why not have the best of both worlds? There are devices on the market that are a combination of a touch screen tablet and a laptop rolled into one fantastic device. Most of these hybrid devices are designed to run like laptops complete with Windows and have the option to run in a tablet mode. Some models have detachable keyboards that can be reattached when you need a full on laptop mode. For more information see our Bing Lee buying guide for 2-in-1 hybrids.


Generally tablets come with a Wi-Fi only option or a combination of both Wi-Fi plus a 3G or 4G connection. Having a Wi-Fi only connection limits you to seeking out places with Wi-Fi such as your home, office, local cafe, Wi-Fi hotspot and some shopping centres or restaurants. Tablet models with 3G/4G connectivity allows you to insert a SIM card and connect to a mobile network providing internet access wherever you go that can get a signal.

Hardware connectivity is limited on tablets but fortunately for Android tablet users you can find models that have more variety with the hardware connections such as HDMI, USB ports and SD card slots.


As tablets are portable devices it is expected that the battery last throughout the day and night before it requires charging again. Android devices have a battery saving feature which can extend your battery life for up to an additional 90 minutes. You can customise and manage your power usage on the Android device by having the ability to see how long it will take for the battery to die, how long it will take to fully charge and show your battery percentage.


Google play is the official one stop app store for smart phones and tablets using the Android operating system. Choose over a million apps featuring games, eBooks, magazines, movies, music, TV shows and so much more. You have the ability to view app ratings and previews before you begin to install.

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