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The world is increasingly and progressively becoming a global village. Whether you are an avid mountaineer, considering to take the challenge of the lush Ruwenzori slopes or a stranded shopper in a high-end Beijing mall, the turn by turn navigation features of GPS systems will help you transverse the world, as if it were your own backyard.

Global Positioning devices are widely gaining popularity not only from world travelers or tourists, but also from the usual folk looking to explore a new town or suburb for various causes. Whatever your reasons are, GPS systems, which have been recently dubbed the 'modern day lodolites' are reliable enough to pinpoint your location and destination with utmost precision.

GPS systems, originally developed for military purposes, have been recently integrated for civil use. It is most probable that your smartphone or tablet is fitted with a positioning location system, although many people prefer separate stand alone systems that can even be incorporated in their car's operating system. When looking to buy a navigation system, irrespective of your intending uses, pay close attention to the extra features available for a given device other than location-based navigation. The GPS market is well endowed with a variety of excellent attributes tied to some of these systems including;

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

This is a distinctive feature of most smart GPS systems. This brings on board the ability to use the GPS as a Bluetooth speaker, and even use as a messaging system for your smartphone. You can also sync your phone contacts to the device.

Audible text-to-speech directions and street names

What can be more convenient than having a dedicated navigation system that gives you turn-by-turn directions audibly when driving? This application ensures that your eyes don't stray away from the road when cruising in an unfamiliar country where you are unsure of the landmarks. Exploring any terrain couldn't be made any easier.

Optimized route guidance and real-time traffic updates.

A portable GPS device could save you the morning plague of unending traffic jams, by notifying you beforehand on the vehicular situation or congestion prior to plying a given route. This is line with an effective data or WiFi connectivity, that will see you get in the office within the shortest time frame.

Location of points of interest and GPS tracking

You no longer have to worry about finding the next available gas station, ATM or motel while using a GPS controller. The system highlights various relevant locations for you automatically and accurately. Car owners will be happy to know that incorporating a Portable Navigation Device in your vehicle can assist the police in tracking it, in the unfortunate event of a robbery.

Given the above beneficial elements of these navigation systems, an investment in one could make your daily life easier plus help save on the gas and time.

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