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Acer Laptop

Which Laptop Is Best For You? A Look at Your Options

About a decade ago laptops were heavy and bulky devices with low battery life. However, that decade might as well be one hundred years ago. Laptops have gotten lighter and their batteries last much longer. All the big brand names have introduced their versions, leaving the market flooded with such a wide variety that each electronics store has a team of advisers to help consumers make the right choice. Before offering advice, some terminology should be discussed.

HP Pavilion Laptop

Laptop vs. Notebook

Although people use the terms 'laptop' and 'notebook' interchangeably, there are some real differences. A laptop is a computer that can be taken around and it can weigh as little as 1kg or as much as 8kgs. A notebook is much lighter. It is much smaller and it is designed to fit in a briefcase.

Notebooks usually weigh less than 3kgs. When it comes to value the best choices are the lower cost notebooks. With some laptops priced at two thousand dollars or more the first question is to ask what will the device will be used for.


Toshiba Laptop

For most people, notebooks will be used to type some documents, surf the internet and check e-mail. For these individuals, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars. The lower cost notebooks usually have Celeron processors and cost less. These notebooks can be used by students to type reports and do online research. If the main purpose is entertainment, the consumer should expect to pay a higher price. First of all the consumer will want to look for a laptop with a DVD drive. Basic, low cost laptops usually lack DVD drives. A DVD drive is essential to those wanting to watch DVDs especially when travelling. Furthermore the resolution and video graphics should be excellent.

Other important features to look for when choosing a notebook or laptop for entertainment include the display. Retina display is a feature offered by Apple and has been widely praised for the quality of the picture offered. Basically the further back a person is from their device the easier it is to see individual pixels. With Retina display this is not a problem. However it costs at least $600 so Retina display is more suited to professionals in the entertainment field such as individuals who make videos. For individuals looking to save money but get a notebook that can be used for entertainment the following features will suffice: IntelCore processors, high storage (about 1 TBB high definition storage) and USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 ports transfer data much faster than USB 2.0 ports.

For Professionals

Asus Transformer

Appearance and battery life are key. For a professional, a light weight sleek notebook or laptop is recommended, but not absolutely necessary. What is necessary however is a long battery life. Travelling on business and giving presentations in high-powered meetings call for notebooks with a battery life of at least eight hours. If working one-on-one with clients, notebooks with the flip features may desirable as well as a touch screen for easier navigation. A good operating system such as Chrome OS is also essential since most professionals need to get access to their E-mail inbox quickly and read as many e-mails in a short time period.