CHIQ LED & LCD Televisions

CHIQ LED and LCD televisions are setting the new benchmark for high-quality viewing at great, affordable prices. Designed to meet the lifestyle needs of everyday Australians, these televisions are home entertainment game changers.

CHIQ’s range of LED and LCD televisions offer a variety of innovative technologies and functions. Ultra HD advanced image processing ensures you’ll have incredibly detailed and crisp pictures, while the USB recording function means you’ll never miss another show again. This range of televisions also features a sleek and modern design, multi-screen streaming options and access to all of your favourite social media apps and streaming services. So no matter if you choose a TV/DVD combo or a FHD Smart TV, you’ll have a watching experience like no other.

CHIQ provides a number of affordable options for the budget-conscious Australian. Browse Bing Lee’s entire range of CHIQ LED and LCD televisions to find the perfect one for you.

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