Changhong LED / LCD TVs

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Changhong Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs

When it comes to energy efficiency, crisp pictures, rich colors and affordability, Changhong Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TV definitely delivers. With its extensive range of televisions, users get to experience the best of TV technology without worrying about energy cost.

Changhong TVs have the following unique features:

1. Enhanced motion rate-This feature lets you watch fast action sporting events and also intense video games with no flickers.

2. UC-Pro Engine-This stands for ultra-clear video processor engine which includes color turning tools and multi-dimensional color sharpening tools that can quickly reflect subtle changes in darker and brighter scenes.

3.Sound retrieval system-This automatically adjusts the gain in transmission of sound signals so the sound does not go too high or too low allowing you to enjoy TV experience to the the fullest.

4. Narrow Bezels-This makes the Changhong Full HD 3D LED Smart TVs sleek and fashionable, a good accessory to have in your room.

5. Eco-friendly-This means that they have advanced power saving technologies thus the TV delivers superior sound and visual quality while using less energy.

SMART TV Features

With smart TV you can search, browse the internet and download apps. Using smart control, you can also share multiple screens. With integration of DLNA and Airplay, it provides seamless connection with Apple, Android and Windows systems without the need of downloading any client terminal.

The remote control for most Changhong smart TVs are double sided and have QWERTY keyboard on the rear to make the most smart TV functionality. Popular internet sites such as Youtube & Facebook are can be accessed.

Changhong HD LED & LCD Smart TVs also have other supportive features which include:

1. HDMI-This enhances digital audio and visual signals from other devices.

2. USB support-This enables you to connect devices to your TV such as digital cameras, flash disks, and even memory cards. Changhong FULL HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs support PVR functionality when USB device is connected. Media playback can be done through USB and supports various file types.

3. Mobile friendly-This means that you can connect Mobile High Definition Link enabled smartphones, tablets and other devices to the TV with crystal-clear HD content.

4.Superior sound quality- Users gets to experience advanced surround sound audio processing feature designed to optimize TV's sound quality.

5. Roku ready- Roku-ready device remote and mobile app can be used to control streaming channels.

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