Breville Sandwich Makers & Grillers

You don’t have to live in the suburbs with a big backyard to enjoy the benefits of barbecuing. Breville has created a line of electric grills, ideal for preparing mouth-watering steaks and burgers right from the comfort of your very own home or balcony.

Electric grills are safe to use inside, even if they rapidly reach the same heating level normally fuelled by gas. And these Breville models are compact, ensuring that you can easily fit them into even smaller apartments, so that everyone can benefit from home grilling.

Cleaning up after a meal becomes as seamless as grilling your favourite steak, since Breville’s range of electric grills possess removable trays that are either dishwasher safe or have been designed with no-stick technology. With Breville’s electric grills, you aren’t limited to cooking meat, as some models feature flat bottom plates for eggs or pancakes.

When you buy an electric grill from Breville, you can expect delight from the whole family.

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