Breville Rice Cooker

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Rice may be a staple in many countries, but serving the perfect bowl is more difficult than it looks. You can everything right, but still get it wrong. That’s why Breville has created its line of magical rice cookers, which will automatically set the right conditions for your rice to be exactly how you want it.

All you need to do is add water and press a button! Breville’s rice cookers prove that making rice can be as easy as a bystander might think. So you can go about preparing the rest of your meal, leaving the trickiest part to Breville.

The Australian brand’s rice cookers are also built to contain up to 10 cups of rice, depending on the model, so you can easily feed the whole family, and there will still be some left for tomorrow! Don’t forget to take advantage of the Breville rice cookers’ handy little features that make life just a little bit easier, such as the programmable timer function and reheat & keep warm settings for your total convenience.

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