Breville Electric Wok

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If you’re a fan of Asian dishes, you’ll never regret investing in one of Breville’s electric woks. These handy devices combine the best of both worlds: extremely high heat for gas style cooking with electric control so you can adjust settings seamlessly.

Breville knows that high heat is key to the success of many wok-made dishes. With Breville’s electric woks, you’ll get authentic results right from your own kitchen, thanks to handy heat control mechanisms, such as the woks’ butterfly shape, ensuring that heat is evenly distributed throughout the device.

And heat is better retained within the dish, thanks to the wok’s heavy aluminium surface coating. It’ll never take you very long to clean up after you’re done cooking, as Beville’s electric woks benefit from no-stick technology. And if there ever is a mess, clearing it is made easy thanks to the wok’s detachable base.

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