Breville Bread Maker

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Once you’ve experienced that sweet aroma of fresh bread floating around the home on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll never go back to buying your loaves at the supermarket. Now, you can seamlessly transform your kitchen into a bakery at will when you purchase one of Breville’s handy bread makers.

But rest assured, thanks to your bread maker’s many features, you’ll never have to put in nearly as much effort as your local baker. Choose from over twenty settings to customize your loaves just how you like them, with minimal input from you beyond the rotation of a dial. You can even select such options as gluten free or opt for the rapid bake feature, where your bread will be ready in two and a half hours, perfect for when you make same day plans to have guests over.

Breville bread makers also feature a timer of up to 13 hours, so you can select when you want to present the perfect loaf.

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