Breville Benchtop Ovens

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Never eat a dull, cold sandwich again when you purchase one of Breville’s sought-after and affordable sandwich makers. If you’re at home and hungry and your grocery supply is getting low, there’s no need to rush to the supermarket on an empty stomach: just layer slices of cheese onto some bread and pop the whole thing into your new sandwich maker for a tasty, classic snack, crispy and golden like when you order it at a café but that your microwave is unable to replicate.

Now, you can enjoy the best grilled cheeses in the world with much less preparation time than if you were to use the oven. Breville’s handy sandwich makers always promote variety: they feature many different settings to get your sandwiches just the way you like them, including height control, so you can prepare a sandwich on the bread of your choice with as many toppings as you desire. And needless to say, with a Breville sandwich maker, you’ll gain in popularity with the kids.

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