Breville - BTA845 - the Smart Toast™

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  • SKU: BTA845
  • Capacity (slices): 4
  • Width : 300.3
  • Height: 286.7
  • Depth: 196.8
  • Weight: 4.95
  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 2

the Smart Toast™

Breville's Smart Toast™ motorised toaster's elegant push button controls now include include 'Fruit Bread'™, as well as 'Lift & Look'™ and 'A Bit More'™. New 'Fruit Bread'™ setting adjusts toasting time to help prevent burnt toast. ' Lift & Look'™ activates the motorised carriage to gently raise the bread just long enough to check if it's done. Press 'A Bit More™' and the carriage lowers once more to give it just that. LEDs count down the toasting progress. Full die-cast construction, automatic raising and lowering, crumpet and defrost settings.



An elegant, gentle and virtually silent carriage lifts itself, and your toast, up and down. One touch push button control to start, and the motorised carriage does the rest.

Self Centreing

Self Centreing

To ensure bread is evenly toasted on both sides, self centreing slots have spring loaded carriages to automatically centre the bread relative to the toasting elements.

Crumpet Setting

Crumpet Setting

Crumpets and bagels need higher heat on the top than on the bottom. On Crumpet Setting the outside element switches to low heat to prevent burning. Simply face crumpets.

A Bit More Button

A Bit More Button

For when near enough isn't quite good enough. As the name suggests, 'A Bit More' toasts the bread for, well, that little bit more without the need to reset browning controls. Together with 'Lift & Look', 'A Bit More' means you can always get toast just the way you want it.

Progress Indicator

Progress Indicator

A countdown indicator lets you quickly see where the toast is up to in the selected cycle. Combined with Lift & Look it makes it easier to check progress and get toast just the way you like it.


Additional Information

Capacity (slices) 4
Width 300.3
Height 286.7
Depth 196.8
Weight 4.95
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

2000W power
'Fruit Bread'™
'A Bit More'™
Motorised 'Lift & Look'™
Crumpet/bagel setting
Extra wide & deep slots
Intelligent one touch automatic lowering
LED toasting progress indicator
Solid one piece die-cast metal body
Removable crumb tray

Voltage: 220 - 240 Volts
Wattage: 2000

Warranty Details

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What's in the Box?

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brilliant toaster but not cat proof
This is the best toaster by far. we bought it in June and unfortunately last night our 4 month old cat decided to pee into it! So we are about to buy another one today because we can't bear to be without it (the toaster we mean - the jury is still out on the cat!) Seriously we love them both.
Stylish toaster
A great high tech toaster. Lots of functions to tailor your toasting needs to the type of bread you're using. Having two separate sides is great as you only need to use one side at a time if you're only toasting for one person. The separate sides also allow us to keep gluten free and non- gluten free bread separate. The electronic lower/raise function adds a bit of style as well. Materials are of excellent quality.
Great Buy
Best toaster I’ve ever owned, do yourself a favour and get one now.
This is the 2nd one of these Smart Toasters that we've purchased for our kitchen over many years. Still nothing wrong with the first Smart Toaster, In fact, they're identical! So how many products do you see that are identical after about 5 years, not many is the usual answer. So, if Breville continue to make their Smart Toaster - BTA845 identically to a 5 years older model, it just proves to me that they've got to be doing something right. Absolute Best Smart Toaster In Australia, by a mile!
smarter than smart
Just the best toaster I have had in 70years

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