Breville - BGR840BSS - the Smart Grill™ Pro

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  • Power: 2400

the Smart Grill™ Pro

With An Intergrated Probe That Knows When Meat or Fish is Done and Tells You When To Take Them Off to Rest.

The Ultimate Grill. Five meat settings have programmed temperatures from rare to well done, with an intergrated probe that senses the precise temperature of your meat and indicates when it is time to take off to rest.

Resting meat for 3 to 5 minutes allows the muscle fibres relax and for the juices and flavour to spread evenly throughout the meat without being lost on the first cut. During the rest phase, residual heat continues to cook the meat so it is important to take it off before it reaches the desired doneness. The Smart Grill Pro has a rest meat indicator that alerts you to remove your meat before it reaches its desired doneness, to prevent overcooking.

In the past, removable plates meant easy cleaning, but also inferior heat resulting in chewy meat. Not anymore... With heating elements that embedded in the plates, not underneath them, and an electronic thermostat to sense small movements in temperature, this grill cooks seared and tender steaks twice as fast as a BBQ, and makes clean up a breeze.

It can fold out flat to an open BBQ which doubles the cooking surface and features a PFOA free titanium infused non-stick surface, an LCD screen,adjustable temperature for everything from pancakes, toasted sandwiches to steaks, and adjustable plate height control.

So now you can have your meat at the exact doneness you like and eat it too.

Embedded Removable Plates

Embedded Removable Plates

Breville's unique design has the cooking elements embedded into removable, dishwasher safe plates. With the elements actually inside the metal, the plates maintain high temperatures to sear steaks to perfection. The removable plates come in both flat and ribbed configurations.

Adjustable Height Control

Adjustable Height Control

The side of the grill has a sliding mechanism that allows the top plate to be set to several different height settings. Delicate foods like fish, paninis and vegetables can be cooked without being squashed. On the higher settings you can reheat pizzas and make crispy open melt sandwiches.

BBQ Mode

BBQ Mode

In BBQ Mode, the grill folds out flat to effectively double the cooking area. For breakfast, you can fry eggs or pancakes on the flat plate, and meat and vegetables on the other. Also great for entertaining.

Electronic Thermostat

Electronic Thermostat

The moment you put food on the grill, the plate begins to lose heat. An electronic thermostat senses heat loss much faster to boost power to the elements to maintain temperature. Seared steaks, not stewed.

LCD Screen

LCD Screen

The LCD screen gives easy to read feedback on the selected temperature, whether the grill's heating or ready to cook, as well as a count down timer for precise results.

Quantanium Non-stick

Quantanium Non-stick

All Breville grills have a non-stick surface. Some grills also have a three-coat, titanium-infused surface called Quantanium for additional scratch resistance and durability.

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Additional Information

Power 2400

Manufacturer Specs

2400W Embedded Heating Elements
Integrated Probe with Rest Meat Indicator
Element IQ™ for Consistent Searing Heat
Interchangeable Dishwasher Safe Ribbed & Flat Plates
Opens to a Flat BBQ
PFOA Free Quantanium Non-stick
Designed in Australia
230/240 Voltage

Warranty Details

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What's in the Box?

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The smart grill
We have one of the models from 10 years ago which was due for replacement. This one is a very similar design, however they've reduced the size of the hot plate. Not a big issue but something to note.

Plates heat up quick and are easy to remove and clean. Overall, I would recommend if you can afford the purchase. It should offer long term usage if looked after well like our old grill.

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