Breville - BFS800BSS - the Steam Zone ™

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    • SKU: BFS800BSS
    • Power: 2200

    The smarter, cleaner, faster way to cook!

    The new fully BPA free stainless steel Steam Zone™ (BFS800BSS) from Breville produces maximum steam in less than 30 seconds which enables home cooks to steam more effectively and efficiently. Providing powerful single layer steaming with independent zones, it is compatible with traditional style bamboo baskets for yum cha inspired dishes. Perfect for rapid steaming of a whole fish or different vegies with a synchronised finish, maximising, taste, texture and health benefits

    Layered steaming leads to cross contamination of flavours and isn’t as effective. The true steam area is a single layer just above the boiling point. The new Steam Zone comes with two large individual stainless steel baskets, an easy access tray for poultry and fish, and has a cloche lid for efficient steaming results.

    Steam Zone

    Steam Zone

    This area has High Heat Transfer and IS ENERGY EFFICIENT for steaming.

    Single layer steaming

    Single layer steaming

    Use the 2 x 18cm stainless steam baskets to separate food so individual flavours are maintained

    40cm Steaming Area

    40cm Steaming Area

    The large stainless 40cm cooking tray is ideal for steaming whole fish and chicken.

    Synchronised Finish

    Synchronised Finish

    Steam potatoes for 25 minutes & asparagus for 4 minutes using the Sync Finish function.Example: Once the potatoes are steamed for 21 minutes, the asparagus will commence steaming. Both foods will be ready at the same time – simply set & forget!

    Indepedent Steaming Control

    Indepedent Steaming Control

    Select High power for whole root vegetables. Ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. Select Low power for delicate seafood. Whole salmon fillet stays moist & is ready to serve in under 10 minutes.

    Rapid Start

    Rapid Start

    Powerful Rapid Start technology produces powerful steam in less than 30 seconds. Energy efficient steaming.

    Tip: Fill the water level to maximum for powerful, uninterrupted steam for 40 minutes

    BPA Free Materials

    BPA Free Materials

    The Steam Zone has no BPA plastic materials – it’s made from premium stainless steel. All stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe.

    Bamboo Baskets*

    Bamboo Baskets*

    You can also use bamboo steam baskets that can be purchased from Asian supermarkets.

    *Bamboo baskets are not included.

    Images are representative only.

    Additional Information

    Power 2200

    Manufacturer Specs

    Rapid Start technology
    Synchronised finish with independent cooking
    Long 40cm steam tray
    Includes 2 stainless steam baskets
    BPA-free dishwasher safe parts
    Automatic Keep Warm
    Compact storage

    Warranty Details

    Buy with confidence at Bing Lee, knowing that all our products are sourced from Australian suppliers, are brand new, and come with full manufacturer’s warranty.

    What's in the Box?

    • Heating base

    • Steaming tray

    • Steaming cloche

    • Drip tray

    • Steaming baskets with lid x 2

    • Power cord


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