Bosch Heat Pump Dryer

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Bosch presents the most environmentally friendly dyer in Australia: the heat pump dryer. Instead of using a heater to warm up the air for each cycle, a heat pump is employed, and the heated air gets recycled and sent back through the load, ensuring that you’ll drastically be able to cut down on your next electricity bill.

Your dryer will no longer be the most expensive appliance in the house! And with Bosch’s integrated self-cleaning system, you won’t have to spend unnecessary time on maintenance, as the cleanser will be automatically cleaned four times per cycle.

Needless to say, Bosch’s heat pump dryers all boast impressive 6 Star and up energy ratings, confirming just how good they are for the environment. Best of all, you won’t have to sacrifice the size of your loads for utmost energy efficiency, as Bosch’s heat pump dryers feature a 7kg carrying capacity.

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