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  • SKU: BCH6255NAU
  • Bag Type: Bagless
  • Total Capacity: 0.9L
  • Voltage: 25.2 V
  • Battery Type: Accu Li-Ion
  • Run Time : Up to 50 min
  • Charge Time: 6 hours (battery 100% charged)
  • Filter: Yes

No cable, no compromise.

The first cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch with the cleaning performance of a 2400 watt vacuum cleaner.*

The Athlet cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch is designed to be extremely manoeuvrable. Cordless, powerful, lightweight and agile, the Athlet combines maximum performance and convenience on carpet, wood, laminate or any floor type. The cordless Athlet range is ideal for any type of home, from small apartments to larger homes, there are no limits.

* Dust pick up in comparison to a 2400 watt vacuum cleaner from Bosch.

SensorBagless™ Technology.


Thanks to the sensor-controlled performance monitoring system, this unique technology not only ensures an outstanding level of cleaning performance — it also keeps maintenance to a minimum.

SmartSensor Technology

SmartSensor Technology

If the filter becomes clogged the SmartSensor Technology responds by either initiating an automatic self-cleaning process or by indicating with a red light that the filter needs cleaning manually.

Ingenious high-tech solution.

Lithium-Ion Technology

The highly efficient system and Bosch's Lithium-Ion batteries with their outstanding capacity means that the Athlet BCH6255NAU can operate for up to 50 minutes without interruption.*

Bosch filtration system

AllFloor HighPower Brush

Thorough and effortless results on all types of flooring, thanks to its fast spinning action and specialised bristles that pick up dust and hair.

Easy to maneuver

Easy to maneuver

Unrestricted freedom of movement with no power cord for vacuuming around corners, under sofas, cupboards and chests of drawers.

Reliability guaranteed.

Reliability guaranteed.

All Bosch home appliances are produced with maximum care and high-quality materials. We promise it in our 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all appliances.

Images are representative only.

Additional Information

Bag Type Bagless
Total Capacity 0.9L
Voltage 25.2 V
Battery Type Accu Li-Ion
Run Time Up to 50 min
Charge Time 6 hours (battery 100% charged)
Filter Yes
Wet Vacuum No
Width 285
Height 1160
Depth 185
Weight (kg) 3.3

Manufacturer Specs

Extra long runtime
LongLife motor
Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology
Thorough cleaning results on all floors
Bagless technology
AllFloor HighPower Brush
Sensor Control
Unique SensorBagless™ Technology

0.9 l Dust container volume
Filter cleaning
Easy handling for removal & emptying
Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air

Easy Clean System
Maximum flexibility
Solid freestanding function
Battery charging status indication
Short charging time
Soft touch handle

Main colour of product: Dark navy
Filtration system: Bagless
Telescopic tube: No
Approval certificates: CE, C-TIC
Battery cell type: Accu Li-Ion
Washable filters: No
Primary colour II: Black
Secondary colour I: Chrome

Warranty Details

Buy with confidence at Bing Lee, knowing that all our products are sourced from Australian suppliers, are brand new, and come with full manufacturer’s warranty.

What's in the Box?

Details coming soon, or call one of our friendly customer service team.

Vacuum cleaner-Bosch Athlet
It is very good But it is a hand to pick up some times to move And vacuum the house.
A good machine that does the job, just keep in mind the 50 minute run time is based on the low setting, the medium setting will run it for about 20 - 25 mins and the turbo setting will run it for about 10 -15 mins.
I've had this for a few months. Got some new 'wood' vinyl flooring in my town house. I wanted something to do quick cleans as now I need to vacuum several times a week. I have a long hair cat and a dog. This has become my go to cleaner. My Meile is 10 years old and I was using this for the big cleans, however the power head recently broke so I've had to use the Bosch. I don't even need the Meile anymore! The Bosch cleans my two story, two bed in one charge. I use the medium setting on the vinyl, the wood stairs, the tiled areas, the velvet foot stool, the sheepskin rug, the wool rug, the lounges.... EVERYWHERE. This machine sucks up so much fluff it makes my head spin. Tips - even though it still sucks, when I see the canister stop spinning I empty it. Need to do this about three times when I do the entire house. The rollers are so easy to clean and I've done this twice since I bought it. It's not too heavy and agile enough to zip around and get under furniture and up the stairs. I love this machine and I would definitely purchase again.
I’ve never had an upright type vacuum before and bought this on the recommendation of a friend. I must admit I miss a “normal” vacuum hose that can get in corners and cobwebs on ceilings, but otherwise, this vac has great suction, battery seems to last for a full vacuum of a decent sized house, and it’s easy to empty and clean. Quite happy with my purchase
great stick vacuum
Very easy to use, quiet, has good suction, perfect for day to day clean ups.
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