Beko Heat Pump Dryer

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If there’s a problem, Beko will be more than happy to find a solution. Dryers have traditionally been big electricity users, making it hard to cut down on your power bill, short of hanging clothes in the backyard.

If only to accommodate for those rainy days where it would be impossible to dry the laundry outside, Beko created the heat pump dryer. This range boasts a 6 Star Energy Rating across the line, due to the extremely practical integrated condenser, which heats, condenses and heats again the air used to dry the load.

As such, your energy expenditure will be drastically reduced as the same air is recycled throughout the load it its various states. Beko’s heat pump dryers also come feature-packed to make your life a little bit easier. Take advantage of reverse drum action, for example, to reduce creases and ensure the whole load is dried evenly, every time.

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