SINCE 1957


Bing Lee introduced global brand Beko to the Australian market in 2005, where the home appliances and electronics manufacturer has thrived due to the trust won from its customers. After a series of successful ventures, Beko, founded in the 1990s, became the first Turkish appliances brand to gain an international reputation. Indeed, Beko has always had a mission: to provide practical products with a stylish edge. Today, Beko focuses on creating goods that are both time and energy efficient, to match changing global needs. Just this year, Beko won Best Investor Award granted by the British Network Association, solidifying its position today, a position already agreed upon by over 280 million customers worldwide, one of whom purchases a new Beko product every other second. Bing Lee carries a wide range of Beko home appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, washers & dryers and smaller appliances such as coffee makers.

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