SINCE 1957


Asus turned to Greek Mythology for a name embodying what it values most: art and learning through innovation. Indeed, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer’s name is derived from Pegasus, the winged white horse who was a sidekick to ancient heroes and gods. Asus, founded in 1989 and now a top 5 worldwide PC supplier, builds its laptops, motherboards and other products specially to resist the harshest conditions on earth. Asus has even established a presence in outer space, when two Asus notebooks were successfully dispatched to the Russian space station Mir. Closer to home, a wide range of Asus products are constantly being created to suite the every personal and business need of a vast client base. Still today, Asus abides by its slogan, “Inspiring Innovation ∙ Persistent Perfection” and remains at the forefront of technological advances. Bing Lee carries a vast selection of computers including notebooks and tablets.

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