Asko XL 82cm Built-in Dishwasher - Black Steel - DBI253IB.BS

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  • Colour/Finish: Black Steel
  • Energy Rating: 3.5 Stars
  • Energy Consumption: 295kWh/year
  • Water Rating: 5 Star
  • Water Consumption: 12.2L/Wash
  • Place Settings: 15
  • Wash Programs: 7

ASKO DBI253IB.BS | 82cm Built in dishwasher - Black Steel

Australians who previously considered dishwashers an optional extra are beginning to have second thoughts, thanks to contemporary, fully integrated ASKO appliances. It’s true the dishwasher isn’t required after every meal, but when you need to clean up fast after a big event in your home, an ASKO dishwasher can be indispensable. Modern homes are large, entertaining spaces where friends and family gather, making a hard working ASKO dishwasher that can be showcased or hidden out of sight a big plus.

DThe new Classic

The new Classic

With its new front display, providing faster response and a more precise feedback, along with the full-steel door covering its entire front, the all new Classic dishwasher is an easy fit in any genre of kitchen, and easy to use for you.



ASKO dishwashers feature our 8 Steel philosophy – more steel, less plastic. Stainless Steel spray arms will always remain optimised and will never discolour or lose their shape.

• Our dishwasher filters are made from long lasting stainless steel fine mesh.

• Our baskets are built mainly from steel including wine and cup racks.

• Food grade 18/9 stainless steel is used for durability.

• One piece seam welded liner will never leak.

SCS+ Super Cleaning System

SCS+ (Super Cleaning System+)

Our SCS saves water as you do not need to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

• Our dishwashers perform a pre-clean prior to going into main wash, this ensures food is not redeposited onto the crockery.

• The filter is constantly washed during the cycle.

• The filter only needs to be manually cleaned every three months.

Turbo Drying

Turbo Drying

Turbo Drying dries your dishes before moisture has time to condensate on hot crockery.

• Emits no hot air into the environment (safe).

• ASKO is the only brand with all models of the fully integrated range to have turbo drying.

• Turbo Drying can dry plastics.

Turbo Drying

Instant Lift™ - smart height adjustment

With our unique Instant Lift™ height adjustment system, you can adjust the top cutlery tray for higher or lower loads and free up more space in the upper basket through a simple operation. In the raised position, the space is 40 mm and in the lowered position it can be up to 58 mm. Simple, smart and flexible.

Night mode

Night mode

If you run your dishwasher at night or if you have an open floor planning, you want your dishwasher to perform in silence. Night mode lowers noises by 2 db(a). So what you will most likely notice first about our new dishwasher platform, is not noticing it at all.

AquaSafe System

AquaSafe System

This is an advanced safety system with up to 16 control points that continuously monitors the machine for leaks and immediately stops the machine in the event of a potential leak – before any damage is done.

AquaSafe System

Orrefors recommends ASKO

From now on, it is safer to wash your sensitive crystal glasses in an ASKO than by hand. The secret is the Crystal glass programme, which ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and is then maintained evenly.

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Additional Information

Colour/Finish Black Steel
Energy Rating 3.5 Stars
Energy Consumption 295kWh/year
Water Rating 5 Star
Water Consumption 12.2L/Wash
Place Settings 15
Wash Programs 7
Number of Baskets 3
Number of Spray Arms 3
Number of Spray Zones 9
Display Type LCD display
Child Lock Yes
Noise Level 44 dB(A)re 1 pW
Delay Timer Yes
Anti-Flood Protection Yes
Height 819
Width 596
Depth 559
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

Turbo Drying™
Built under work top
15 place settings
8 Steel, SCS+
7 programmes
Aqua Safe™
Kid Safe™ - panel
Rinse-aid indication
From front adjustable rear foot
LCD display
Hidden heater

Turbo Drying™: Fan assisted moist air extraction
Classic: Yes
Installation type: Built under work top
Size: XL, 82 cm
Number of baskets: 3
15 place settings: Yes
8 Steel™ Construction, SCS+ (Super Cleaning System+): Yes
Top cutlery tray: Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Rack for knives (top); Rack for bowls (top); Telescopic rails for top tray; Handle (top)
Upper rack type: Premium - two foldable wine shelves, fixed pin rows and one foldable glass support
Lower rack type: Premium - foldable pin rows

Exterior float: Yes
8 Steel™ construction: Yes
Hidden heater: Yes
SCS+ (Super Cleaning System+): Yes
Number of spray arms: 3
Number of spray zones: 9

Number of place settings: 15 place settings
Number of baskets: 3
Top cutlery tray: Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Rack for knives (top); Rack for bowls (top); Telescopic rails for top tray; Handle (top)
Upper rack type: Premium - two foldable wine shelves, fixed pin rows and one foldable glass support
Easy sliding telescope rails with ball bearings: For the upper basket
Lower rack type: Premium - foldable pin rows
Dense basket wiring in both upper and lower basket: Yes
Required inlet water pressure: 0.03-1 MPa

Display type: LCD display
Customizable programs: Program memory
Number of programs: 7

7 programmes: Quick wash; Intensive programme; Eco wash; Hygiene wash; Time program; Heavy wash; Rinse and hold
Delayed start: Variable start delay up to 24 hours
Multi tablet function: Yes
Super rinse: Yes
Time set: Yes
Speed mode: Yes
Night mode: Yes
Extra dry: Yes
High temperature: Yes
Super rinse: Yes

From front adjustable rear foot: Yes
Water connection: Size: 3/4" Can be connected to hot or cold water
Height setting: 50 mm
Kick plate adjustable depth: 30-94 mm

Aqua Safe™: Yes
Kid Safe™ - panel: Yes
Rinse-aid indication: Notification in display

Size: 3/4" Can be connected to hot or cold water
Max. temperature of inflow water: 70 °C
Noise level: 44 dB(A)re 1 pW
Reference program: 1
Total cycle time of reference program (min): 169 min
Estimated yearly energy consumption: 295 kWh
Energy consumption reference program: 0.78 kWh
Energy stars: 3.5
Water stars: 5
Water consumption: 12.2 l
Consumption in off mode: 0.5 W
Consumption in standby mode: 2 W
Connection rating: 2000 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Required inlet water pressure: 0.03-1 MPa
Length electrical cord: 1825 mm
Depth with door open: 1198 mm
Length inlet hose: 163 cm
Length outlet hose: 200 cm

Warranty Details

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