Asko - D5896FIXXL - 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Asko - D5896FIXXL - 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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  • Finish/Colour: N/A
  • Place Settings: 16
  • Energy Rating: 3.5 Stars
  • Energy Consumption: 314kWh/year
  • WELS Rating: 5 Stars
  • Water Consumption: 13lt/minute
  • Wash Programs: 13
  • Display Type: LCD

This built-in XXL model comes with Turbo Drying Express, providing your dishes with an unbeatably dry finish. This appliance is also ideal for cleaning bottles, vases, wine glasses, and many other items. Expect ultimate performance and ease of use when you select this product.

*Tops and sides are additional cost

Super Cleaning System+

Super Cleaning System+

No pre-rinsing required. Super Cleaning System+ blasts off food particles and cleans the dishwasher before entering the main wash.

Extra Large Capacity

86cm XXL Dishwasher

This XXL model has an external height of 86cm and a large loading height of 58cm, giving you one of the largest loading capacities on the market. It also means you can load 40% more compared to a standard dishwasher.



The latest addition to ASKO's basket system is a flexible top basket with its own spray arm and space for sixteen sets of cutlery, small bowls, or other utensils that can be difficult to load.



With our unique InstantLift™ height adjustment system, you can adjust the top basket for higher or lower loads and free up more space in the upper basket through a simple operation.



Extra dishwashing power for washing of tall, narrow objects such as baby bottles.

Turbo Drying

Turbo Drying Express

The D5896FIXXL dishwasher also feature Turbo Drying Express. By pumping hot air into the dishwasher, program times are shortened by around 30 minutes, making light work of plastic items.

Hygiene program

16 place settings

ASKO dishwashers allow you to wash larger loads than ever before, with 14 or 16 (D5896) place settings. Our advanced basket systems also offer the flexibility for you to load large and odd shaped items such as pots, vases and serving dishes with ease.

More Stainless Steel

Exclusive Lower basket

The exclusive lower basket in the D5646SS is the most flexible and stable on the market. Because all of the parts in the basket are made from high quality steel, ASKO is able to create flexible basket solutions that are extremely durable and easy to use.

Middle basket

Middle basket

ASKO has created a space for dishes that are too small or whose shapes are too irregular for the lower basket or take too much space in the upper basket, such as breakfast bowls, ladles and whisks.



Your kitchen is not just a place for cooking but also for socialising. That’s why our dishwashers are among the quietest on the market. With a noise level of just 42 dB, it’s much quieter than the volume of a normal conversation, which is around 60 dB.



The sensors detect when the quantity of water exactly matches the program you have selected, and it always lets in the right amount of water regardless of the water pressure in your pipes.

More Stainless Steel

More Stainless Steel

ASKO’s dishwashers have a one piece seam welded stainless steel liner, and more steel inside, including spray arms, water connection, FlexiRacks, wine glass holders, filters, ball bearing runners and concealed heating element.

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Additional Information

Finish/Colour N/A
Place Settings 16
Energy Rating 3.5 Stars
Energy Consumption 314kWh/year
WELS Rating 5 Stars
Water Consumption 13lt/minute
Wash Programs 13
Display Type LCD
Child Safety Lock Yes
Noise Level 42
Delay Timer Yes
Anti-Flood Protection Yes
Height (mm) 860
Width (mm) 596
Depth (mm) 559
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

16 Place Settings
13 Wash Programs
Turbo Drying™ Express
Cutlery FlexiTray
Internal LED Light
Salt Refill Indicator
Digital Countdown Indicator
Status LED Light
Voice Signal
Hidden Heater
KidLock™ - Lock the Door
Exclusive height Adj. Upper Basket
Middle Basket Bowls/Cutlery
Exclusive Lower Basket
Cutlery Basket

Type: Dishwasher
Installation type: Fully integrated
Size: XXL, 86 cm
Display type: LCD display
Number of programs: 13
Noise level: 42 dB(A)
Number of baskets: 4
Max loading height upper basket: 230 mm
Max loading height lower basket: 390 mm
Number of place settings: 16

Length electrical cord: 1820 mm
Length inlet hose: 1680 mm
Length outlet hose: 2000 mm

Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 10 amp

Energy consumption - tested program: 0.84 kWh
Energy stars: 3.5
Water stars: 5

InstantLift™: Easy height adjustment of the top tray
Divisible and removable trays: Yes
Rack for knifes and utensils: Yes
Rack for cups and bowls: Yes

Tight mesh base: Yes
Multi position wine glass shelf: Upper right
Foldable/divisible wine shelf: Upper left
Foldable and divisible pin rows: Yes
Two foldable glass support: Yes
Wide knife stand: Yes
China guard: Yes
LightLock™: Fixation of lightweight objects
Guide rails with ball bearings: Yes

Removable rack for large utensils: Yes
Removable rack for bowls, cups and glasses: Yes
Non return valve: Yes
Handle: Yes
Guide rails with ball bearings: Yes

Tight mesh base: Yes
Foldable/divisible pin rows: Lower basket back
Foldable/divisible pin rows: Lower basket front
Foldable/divisible pin rows rear: Yes
Vase/bottle holder: Yes
Cutlery basket: Yes

Normal wash: Yes
Heavy wash: Yes
Upper rack: Yes
Lower rack: Yes
Crockery warming: Yes
Rinse & hold: Yes
Automatic program: Yes
Daily wash: Yes
Time program: Yes
Quick wash: Yes
Delicate wash: Yes
Plastic: Yes
Eco wash: Yes
Programme Hygiene: Yes

Long dry: Yes
Time saver: Yes
Time set: Yes

Number of spray zones: 10
JetSpray™: Extra dishwashing power for tall objects
WideSpray™: Extra washing power for pots and pans
Dual TwinTubes™: Extra washing power for the middle basket
SCS - Super Cleaning System™: Yes
AquaLevel™ sensor: Yes
SensiClean™ Sensor: Yes
Spray arms in stainless steel: Yes

Turbo Drying Express: Yes

Few sealing points outside the container: Yes
Seam welded tank: Yes
Waterproof external base: Yes
Exterior float: Yes
AquaDetect™: Water safety
AquaLevel™ sensor: Yes
Stand by water protection: Yes
Extra durable PEX inlet hose: Extra durable PEX inlet hose
Max time water intake: Yes
Sound alarm in case of leakage: Yes
Anti block drain pump: Yes

From front adjustable rear foot: Yes
From front adjustable door spring: Yes
Adjustable feet: Yes
Velcro strips: Easy mounting of door panel

Warranty Details

ASKO offers you an automatic two year manufacturer's warranty on all their dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

For those who wish to have a little more peace of mind, ASKO also offer an additional three year ASKO total care warranty (Please note, charges apply for additional three years). To find out more please call ASKO toll free on 1300 00 2756.

What's in the Box?

Details coming soon, or call one of our friendly customer service team.


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