Top Load Washing Machines


Top loaders are lighter and easier to move but are not stackable. They are the more popular type, especially at home. They have several advantages including the fact that you can add clothes even in a middle of a washing cycle. They also use a wide variety of detergents and bleaches. They are also cheaper than the front loaders. They come with either an agitator or an impeller. 

Agitator: The machine with a pole in the centre of the drum that moves your clothes around during the wash and spin cycle. Agitator models have minimal vibration and much shorter wash cycles which are perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Agitator models are generally lower in price compared to front load washers. The agitator is what decreases the capacity in a top loader, so if you are after a machine that can take more in a load, consider an impeller top loader or a front loader. 

Impeller: The newer type of top loaders, called 'High Efficiency' top loading washers. The impeller is a propeller-like device at the bottom of the drum and moves the water to wash your clothes. Machines with an impeller have a higher load capacity, making it easier to clean bulky items. These types of machines function like a front loader, so regular wash cycle times are longer than models with an agitator. These machines use less water than top loaders with an agitator, reducing your water usage and potentially your water bill. 

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