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Is your current washing machine not performing like it used to? Maybe it’s making an unusual noise, or just seems to have lost its touch when it comes to delivering fresh clean clothes? It sounds like it’s time to start looking at new washing machines. Here at Bing Lee we have a wide selection of top load washing machines that will clean your clothes better than you’ve ever seen before.

Top load washing machines are lighter and easier to move, making them a more popular choice with buyers. Unlike front load washing machines, they are not stackable however they do come with a range of features that makes them the ideal option for anyone looking to invest in a new washing machine. Shop all the big brands including LG, Samsung and Fisher and Paykel washing machines.

Top load washing machines come with either an agitator or an impeller.

Agitator: These machines have a pole in the centre of the drum that moves your clothes around during the wash and spin cycle. Agitator models have minimal vibration and much shorter wash cycles which are perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Agitator models are generally lower in price compared to front load washers. The agitator is what decreases the capacity in a top loader, so if you are after a machine that can take more in a load, consider an impeller top loader or a front loader.

Impeller: The newer type of top loaders, called 'High Efficiency' top loading washers. The impeller is a propeller-like device at the bottom of the drum and moves the water to wash your clothes. Machines with an impeller have a higher load capacity, making it easier to clean bulky items. These types of machines function like a front loader, so regular wash cycle times are longer than models with an agitator. These machines use less water than top loaders with an agitator, reducing your water usage and potentially your water bill making them an eco washing machine option.

Top loaders have several advantages including the fact that you can add clothes even in the middle of a washing cycle. They also use a wide variety of detergents and bleaches and are typically cheaper than front load washing machines. Some other top load washing machine features include durability, energy efficiency and large capacity options. Here at Bing Lee we have top loaders that can wash loads up to 20kg.

Along with multiple wash programs and mid-cycle flexibility, our selection of top loaders are also pleasing by design. Find sleek stainless steel finishes in our LG washing machines as well as the traditional bright white. We also have some stunning matte black Samsung washing machines for anyone looking to amp up their laundry space.

Shop the full washers & dryers range and buy top load washing machines online or in store at Bing Lee today. And don’t forget you can shop your new appliances online now and pay later with one of our interest free payment options.

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