Washer Dryer Combo


Maximising space has never been easier with a washer dryer combo, ideal for homes with small or cupboard laundry rooms. It provides you with the necessity of a washing machine combined with the luxury of a dryer. No longer will you have to clutter up balconies and lounge rooms with a clothes horse. There is an alternate option available to you in the space saving laundry combo's here at Bing Lee.

This clever machine can be flexible enough to be hung on the wall or simply placed on the floor. The front loader allows for convenience of accessibility when wall mounted or freeing up space above for low cupboards or a convenient place to pop the laundry basket while you load your washing.


When choosing a washer/dryer it is important to consider the number of people it can serve and the typical dirt you expect to be removing. A larger washing and drying capacity may be a better investment, saving you time and money from repeated small loads. While you may pay more for a large machine upfront they tend to have a lower energy rating and can save you in electricity and water in the long run.


For households with fewer people, there are washer and dryer combo with smaller laundry holding capacity. It is important to consider the longevity you wish to get out of your washer/dryer combo. For when your current situation changes you may wish to upgrade to separate machines allowing washing in one and drying in the other at the same time, pending space allotment. No matter what your household needs are, washing is a breeze with a combination unit. Put the clothes in as you walk out the door from work and come home to clean as well as dry laundry. All you have to do is put it away.

The features of each machine will vary giving you many options to choose from. The easy-to- read dials make choosing the right cycle easy to follow and most machines come with rotating labels for up-side-down wall mounted options. In today's economy, energy rating and water consumption are important. Select machines that are designed with the environment and customer in mind.


You will find that with these machines the higher the spin speed the more water can be removed from the clothes after a wash. So what does this mean for you? Basically, a faster spin speed will mean a shorter drying time as most of the excess water has been removed.


Lastly you will want to consider the noise output of the unit. With small spaces you don't want to be hearing the washing cycles through your home. Thankfully with technology today many of our machines have a low noise feature - so you can get on with your day.

With many stylish designs and brands to choose from you can find the right product for your home.


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