Vented Clothes Dryers


You may be facing the challenge of hanging your clothes out to dry, which is especially stressful in cold weather season, or you have been stuck with a dryer that leaves you hot under the collar during washday. Let us look at a variety and range of dryers that suit your needs. The types of dryers available are mainly categorized by how they are powered, electricity and gas.

Among the most popular types are the vented clothes dryers. Aside from being affordable, they are easy to use and light enough to mount on the wall. It is wise to have exhaust fan or window in your laundry room when you use vented clothes dryer.


For three to four persons, a vented dryer with 5kg to 7kg drying capacity is ideal. More than that, 7kg or higher is best. This is important to note since over filling the dryer can decrease efficiency. If not careful, this could also lead to overheating.


Most dryers have a rotating drum system called a tumbler. Through this system heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture, the tumbler meanwhile rotates to maintain airspace between the clothes. Alternatively there are dryers which use microwave radiations to dry clothes. These dryers are usually more effective as it uses less energy and also shortens the drying time. It uses less energy thus reducing electricity costs.

There are also some dryers which provide steam cycles that are available. These dryers have become more popular over the past few years as they de-wrinkle and freshen clothes. If you select a dryer with steam cycles, you may be required to put in place a water hook up.

Natural gas dryers usually come with in-built sensors that automatically turn of the dryer when the clothes are dried to your specifications. This prevents over-drying and can help preserve the life of your clothes by stressing them less. A bonus of the inbuilt sensors is the energy savings.

Some dryers have laundry-alternative spinners which are effective for small loads. They reduce drying time for clothes. They are also quite cheap as compared to other dryers.

If your wash load comprises of a wide variety of fabrics, then select a dryer with special cycles so as to provide these garments with the treatment they require. If you intend to install the dryer in a dimly lit room, then acquire a machine with in-built indicator lights and that the dials are easily legible.

If you multitask a lot then a dryer that comes with the extended tumbler feature will be ideal for you.

If you are averse to machines that make a lot of noise, which is usually associated with dryers, select a dryer that is rated good or excellent for noise.

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