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Before buying a heat-pump dryer, there are a number of factors that you should put into consideration to avoid unnecessary spending on your dryer. A good number of people still do not quite understand this and that why they end up spending more than they should have spent. A heat-pump, device that helps in drying our clothes after washing, has in the recent years continued to be modified by the manufacturers so as to effectively meet the desires of their customers. This is also another reason why buyers should equip themselves with enough information about the different features to help them select the right one in the market. What size is the right one? What is the material used on it? Is it efficient enough? These are some of the questions that you need to answer when buying a heat pump dryer.


It is very important to select the right size of a heat pump for a fast drying effect on your clothes. The size of a heat-pump is measured in kilograms. It is also the capacity of wet clothes that a heat-pump can hold in its cylinder. For a small household, a 6 or 7kg can suffice. But if you have many clothes to attend to after each wash, then bigger than 7kg will do. There are also sizes larger than 9kgs. Having the right size means that you will have your clothes dried within a short period of time and within few cycles and therefore help you save energy.


What is the amount of energy consumed by the heat-pump? You should always ask this question because there some that may consume beyond your requirements. There some models that consume 127 KW and others that consume 292 KW but generally heat-pump dryers are known to use very low amount of electricity energy as compared to other models. This is because the hot-humid air that passed through the heat pump is condensed when reaching to the cooler parts into a drain pipe, and the hot side reheats the air which is used again in the drying process.


It is equally important to check the type of material used to make the heat-pump. A heat-pump made of stainless steel is more recommendable. Stainless steel is scratch resistant and is also easy to clean. Stainless steel is also more appealing and rust resistant as well.


Adjustable temperature feature helps to have your clothes dry up to your desired level. A heat-pump that allows you to adjust its temperatures also gives you a chance to dictate the amount of energy to be consumed. There are also those that have sensors that regulate the amount of temperature in the drum.

In addition it is very important to ensure a frequent maintenance of your heat pump dryer to avoid spending much on repair. When you schedule maintenance for your heat pump, you keep a good position to dry more clothes for a long period of time.


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