Laundry Accessories

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You might have found yourself the perfect washing machine and dryer, but still feel like your laundry room is in a state of chaos. If you’re looking to clear some space and sort out your laundry room, Bing Lee’s range of laundry accessories has you covered.

Perfectly maintain a clean & organised laundry room

It’s never the most enjoyable of household duties, but doing the laundry can feel especially tedious if the room’s in a state of disarray. We stock a range of laundry accessories and cleaning supplies to make your life easier, including laundry stacking kits, dryer venting kits and venting hoses, microfibre cloths and polish to help you keep your laundry room in perfect condition. Whatever you need to maintain order in your laundry or just get it extra clean, you’ll find something in our laundry accessory range that will give you the help you need.

At Bing Lee, we want to make it easy for you to get your new laundry accessories, so we provide flexible pickup and delivery options all around Sydney and Melbourne. We also have Afterpay and Zip Pay available for when you want to get your hands on your laundry supplies now but pay for them later.

Bing Lee is proudly Australian and family-owned, and we have been dedicated to helping Australians find the best tech and appliance solutions for their homes for over 60 years. Shop our range of laundry accessories and home cleaning products and get one step closer to a spotlessly clean laundry today.

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