Toasters & Kettles

Looking for a Toaster and Kettle?

Every kitchen even the most basic needs a toaster and kettle. From the most basic two slice toasters to the top of the line ones with temperature sensors and other functions. Even for these simple kitchen appliances, there is an array of different features that different models have depending on your budget, cooking and even kitchen style needs. Some top of the line toasters and kettles that have the ‘a bit more’ function to get your toast just right without burning your toast. It is also worth looking at a toaster which can centre your bread, so it cooks evenly or extra-wide slots to fit in thicker loafs. The finish of your toaster and kettle can be one of the most important parts of your purchasing decision, and with plastic, to stainless steel, there are plenty of designs to choose from.  

The main variations of kettles are in the capacity of water they can heat and the power usage to heat the water. Some kettles have temperature sensors and preset for different types of beverages like tea or coffee. Come talk to one of our experts online or in store to find the right toaster and kettle combination for your kitchen!

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