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Looking for a hand mixer?

Electric hand mixers are basically a small hand held electric whisk. If you need to bake a cake, these are suitable for light baking tasks such as mixing cake mix or whipping cream, butter and eggs. A counter top blender or stick blender is too powerful for whisking the perfect meringue. A hand mixer has a more gentle action that whips and aerates for a lighter pancake or fluffy omelette. The settings can be set to slow, moderate and fast speeds, depending on what your recipe calls for. Hand mixers can be used in most bowls, but be aware - the beaters can splash and spray, so a deep bowl is required. Removable beaters make it easy to clean up afterwards, and the machine can be easily stored in your kitchen cupboard. Hand mixers are essential for whipping cream, free of arm fatigue!

When buying a hand mixer, consider the weight of it and how it feels in your hand. Too heavy and your arm may become tired. However, it needs enough weight to be able to stand balanced when you set it down. Also look at the position of the controls and whether the on/off switch and speed are easy for you to adjust with your thumb.

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