Food Processors

Get your Chef on with a Food Processor

A food processor is a fantastic multifunctional kitchen tool. This all-rounder undertakes functions of several other small appliances as the blades and settings are changeable. Attachments that can slice, dice, shred, grate, puree, mix, zest, knead and emulsify make usually complicated cooking techniques simple. Keep in mind these machines can come with many attachments, so make sure you have enough room to store it. Check the bowl size and make sure it is big enough for the things that you want to make. Other features may include a reversible blade - one that can grate on one side and slice on the other. A feed chute allows you to feed smaller items in with greater accuracy and rubber feet stop it from moving around your bench top. If you love cooking but find chopping, dicing and grinding all too much, a food processor is what you need. Food processors are best if you want one go-to appliance for your kitchen, rather than specialised appliances for different tasks. If you often need to finely chop fresh vegetables for making things such as coleslaw, salsa or sauerkraut, a food processor may save you lots of time.

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