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Bing Lee's Electric Frypan Buying Guide

Electric frypans and woks offer precise temperature control and are perfect for everything from fried rice to breakfast fritters. Plus they're portable making them a great appliances to bring to parties, BBQs and even camping trips. As long as you have somewhere to plug it in to power, you can use one almost anywhere. You might wonder what the difference is between a an electric frypan and an electric wok. Wonder no more. This guide will help you find out the which ones suits you in your kitchen.

Electric Frypans

An electric frypans can be an extension of your stove top or an energy-efficient replacement. An adjustable temperature dial allows you to control the heat. An electric frypan can be an extension of your stove top or an energy-efficient replacement. There are several types of electric frypans that you might like to consider for different styles of cooking. The most popular is the classic banquet. Its capacity can range from 2.9L to 3.9L and can be either square or rectangular. This type of frypan might be used to sautée, sear, shallow fry, simmer and slow cook a vast range of dishes. Fry your Sunday morning bacon & eggs all in one pan. Sear your steak or salmon fillet to perfection. Shallow fry schnitzel or hamburger patties with ease. Simmer stews, seafood curries and Spanish paella with limited kitchen space. There are many possibilities.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying

If you’'re thinking of using your electric frypan or wok frequently, make sure you like the way it looks as it will become part of your kitchen decor. Also make sure the model you buy has a cord long enough to reach the preferred outlet for cooking. For ease of cleaning, opt for a frypan or wok with a removable cord unit. This will allow you to submerge the pan in water for cleaning.

Nonstick cooking surfaces are a plus for easy cleanup after high heat and lots of frying, however this material generally does not withstand regular high heat cooking for longer than a couple of years. If you are looking for something more durable that can withstand high heat regularly, you may want consider going for stainless steel models. With a stainless steel model, you can use metal utensils without worrying about damaging the surface. Wood or heat resistant plastic utensils are best used on the non-stick models to avoid scratching of the surface.

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