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Bing Lee's Deep Fryer Buying Guide

While a deep fryer may not be a must-have appliance for a kitchen like a stove or microwave, some people like the convenience and enjoy the array of deep-fried foods that it can produce. Owning a deep fryer can be much better than some of the alternatives. When they want fried chicken or fish, many people will fill a large saucepan, filled with oil, to cook it. These methods can lead to inconsistent results, nasty hot oil splatters and could end in a time-consuming cleanup. Oil around a gas stove flame is unsafe, and electric stovetops aren't much safer with the oil spitting while you fry. A dedicated deep fryer unit can save time and have features that make it safest way to deep fry.

Common Features to Look for When Buying a Fryer

When shopping for a fryer for the kitchen, there are a few options and standard features that every buyer should be on the lookout for. In addition to the fryer's capacity, it is also important to know if the fryer has rotating or multiple baskets, a temperature control system, has a timer, and has a filter. It can also be important to check if the fryer has various safety features as well.

A deep fryer can produce deep fried dishes ready to serve within minutes, making it the freshest it could be. We all know that after it has cooled, deep fried take-away food can go limp, soggy or stale-tasting. Having your own deep fryer on hand could mean having the freshest delicious family favourites like like fried chicken, arancini balls and fish and chips. Even everyone's favourite desserts like donuts, churros and canolli pastry can be deep-fried with ease. Who doesn't love a fresh, warm donut? If the thought of that gets your tastebuds excited, find out more about what to consider when buying a deep fryer.


The size of a deep fryer is an important factor when purchasing. Single baskets are perfect for frying up a small batch of chicken pieces or onion rings. Larger fryers have a capacity of at least eight cups and may also feature a variety of baskets or separate frying compartments. Some large fryers can accommodate a whole chicken. These are perfect for families as they can put out a lot of food without taking up a lot of time having to cook in many batches. Buying the right size fryer is cost effective. Too large, and you will be consuming more energy than needed due to heating up more oil than is required. Too small, and you will need to cook many batches, resulting in longer cooking time and more electricity consumed.

Fryer Baskets

Some models of deep fryers will have one basket, which is perfect for when you are frying a small amount of food or cooking or for a small number of people. Some of the larger fryers will also have one basket, but some models will come with multiple sized baskets. A fryer with multiple baskets allows you to fry chicken and French fries together without having to worry about them sticking to each other. Separate baskets for separate foods allows you to cooking both foods at the same time and remove one basket when it is ready. Some deep fryers have more than one frying compartment or tank. These fryers allow you to fry different foods that require cooking at different temperatures. Also, having multiple frying compartments prevents different flavours from spreading among different foods within the fryer and make your onion rings taste like your barramundi, and visa versa.


Deep fryers heat oil to extremely hot temperatures. Most deep fryers are to be able to heat oil up to 190 degrees. If the hot oil was to splash on skin, it could cause serious damage. Fryers with deep tanks can minimise oil splashes, and fryers with lids that can lock will also help keep oil splatters to a minimum. Some models have a window in the lid so that you can keep an eye on the food without having to open it.

Most fryers also feature a safety power cord. These cords attach to the fryer with magnets and disconnect from the fryer if is accidentally pulled. So instead of sending the fryer and its contents flying, the cord will simply detach from the connection point.

To operate a deep fryer you will need access to a nearby electrical outlet, without using an extension cord. Any extra length in a cord poses a risk of tripping on or accidentally pulling the cord and the fryer and spilling hot oil.

A fryer should never be placed next to a flame or gas outlet, including gas stoves, even when not in use. Be sure to find a space away from stove tops and any other flame.

Temperature Control

Some fryers only have an on and off switch or a dial with low, medium, and high settings. For some foods to be cooked perfectly, they need to be fried at a certain temperature for a specific time. If what you to fry required more control over temperature, you may wish to consider a model with more sensitive a temperature control. Some models can be set at a particular temperature. Some models with a temperature control system will feature pictures of various foods on the temperature dial as a guide for you, making it easier to use. The top of the range fryers will feature an adjustable thermostat and digital display so that you can be sure of the actual temperature your food is cooking at, making it easy for you to produce perfectly fried food every time.

The Right Fit

Appliances can take up a lot of room in your kitchen. Along with considering the capacity your require for your household, also consider the overall size of the deep fryer. Consider the space available on your bench top for a deep fryer.

You will probably agree that deep frying food is only an occasional method of cooking, so you may want to store the fryer off of the counter and out of sight. Make sure you have the storage space for it, either in your kitchen cupboards or elsewhere in the house.

Cleaning Tips

A clean fryer can ensure the food tastes the best. It is important to clean off the grease of the used oil as it will contain the flavour Some fryers have parts that are dishwasher-safe, which can make cleaning incredibly quick and easy. Also, be sure to find a unit that has an easy-to-drain oil compartment or an oil compartment that detaches for easy oil disposal.

Additional Features

A very useful feature that some deep fryers feature is a timer. This digital timer can help you keep track of how long food has been cooking in the oil. Some fryers have an auto shut-off timer that will switch off the unit when it has not been used for a period of time.

Every deep fryer should have a filter for the oil. Some filters can be removed and washed, some can be replaced, and some are fixed to the appliance. Consider which of these options would be best for your circumstances. So you're thinking a deep fryer could be a useful appliance in your kitchen? What will you make? There are many recipes available for all your favourite fried foods. Consider something a little different for a fresh take on fried treats for family and dinner guests.

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