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Looking to wizz something up in the kitchen?

Blenders are no longer just for the fitness freaks out there; they are a great versatile addition to any kitchen. Depending what your planning on blending there an option for you with 2 main types making up the majority of blenders.

There are smaller versions with which are quicker and more mobile from brands like Nutri Ninja and Nutri bullet. These versions often have the blending container as the same that you can drink from then was out, so it is super simple.

More powerful blenders have more powerful motors and are larger counter top units. With some of these higher end blenders, you can blend nuts and hard fruits which can be used in traditional smoothies or in cooking soups or dips. Top of the line power blenders have glass jugs that are more durable and easy to clean while cheaper ones have plastic jugs.

Come check out our fantastic range of blenders and juicers and talk to one of our experts online or in store to find the right one for you!

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