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Updating your Bathroom Scales?

Bathroom scales have come a long way since the simple needle that showed a number. Now digital scales are cheap and easy to use and offer more features then scales of old. Digital scales can also do more than just show what your current weight is including BMI and even body fat %. Body mass index or BMI is a measure used by professionals to measure healthy weight by medical professionals. Some of these scales can measure body fat by running a small electric current through your body to measure the resistance and calculate your body fat percentage.

Wi-Fi enabled scales are a great option as they can connect to a Wi-Fi network and automatically log your details automatically to your account where you can access through the internet or an app. Wi-Fi lets scales such as the Fitbit Aria automatically sync to your profile, and this can be used as part of a larger health and wellness plan to help you meet your goals. So come see our range of scales online or in store and talk to an expert about finding the right set of scales for you. 

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