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Every kitchen needs an oven in their kitchen but choosing one isn’t always easy. Gone are the days of the bulky white freestanding ovens of kitchens of old and today there are a range of options which look perfect for any modern kitchen. The biggest decision you have to make is whether you want to use an electric or gas oven. Electric ovens are some of the most common variants on the market with a wide array of models across price ranges. Electric ovens can have the heating element more evenly spread around the unit providing more even heat. Gas ovens require a mainline gas connection close to unit or wall cavity where the unit will be located. Gas ovens allow moisture to remain in the food which makes them perfect for bakers and those Sunday’s roasts. Both electric and gas ovens come in inbuilt and freestanding versions.

Some great features to keep an eye out for including:

  • Self-cleaning - pyrolytic models save you having to spend time cleaning the oven. These ovens heat themselves to over 500 degrees turning any food scraps straight to ash, all you need to do is wash down the racks.
  • Door - the door should be easy to open and should be able to hold its place without slamming shut. Look for glass doors that have more than 2 layers of glass so that the door is not extremely hot to touch when in use.
  • Shelves - make sure that the shelves are solid, that they do not slope downwards and have a safety stopper to prevent it from sliding out unexpectedly.
  • Touch screens - Like with other modern appliances higher end models have touch screens as opposed to the old knobs and dials.
  • Automatic settings - Whether you want to roast, base bake, defrost or dehydrate your food some models have pre-set settings.
  • Warming drawer - a separate cavity designed to keep food warm while the main oven cavity is in use.
  • Internal grill - the top element in the oven can be turned to high and operate by itself working as a grill while your food sits on the top shelf of the oven.
  • Delayed start - While we do not recommend leaving your oven unsupervised, some ovens have a delayed start option for if you do not want cooking to start until a certain time or if you want the oven preheated by a set time.

Talk to us online or in store for a hand picking the right oven for you!

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