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The joy of living is in the simplicity of things. More and more we search for better ways to solve our problems. Cooking food has its fare of challenges, especially when having to use electrical appliances. Some appliances, like ovens, tend to be a bit expensive for an ordinary person, which may deny them the luxury of enjoying baked foods in the comfort of their homes. For those of you who have moved out of their parents' homes, you probably face or faced tough decisions on what to buy and in what size, as far as appliances are concerned. Well, if you're just starting out on living on your own, you may consider calling off your search, because a solution is finally here.

The Bench-Top Cooker and Oven

A bench-top oven, simply put, is a smaller, compact and portable version of a standard oven. As compared to a full size one, this unique appliance also includes two electric plates at the top that you can use for cooking. So basically you get to do all your cooking jobs on a much smaller space, saving you a lot of room on the kitchen counter top, at a much cheaper price.

Where can it go?

It can be conveniently used in places like cabins, boats, campus rooms, or by people just starting out on living alone. With an internal capacity of around 30 liters, you get a stylish oven, enough for a small family's food needs. Its portability allows you to carry it along on camping trips, to continue enjoying those freshly baked delicacies at your convenience. Temperature controls allow up to about 250 degrees. What's more, it uses less power than a normal oven, due to its smaller capacity. Preheating it takes a much shorter period, so within no time, you can place that cake dough mix inside, and wait for the bell that indicates it's ready. Meanwhile you can be preparing a stew on the two hot plates above.

How is all this possible?

The technology behind it is simply amazing. With all the controls and capabilities carefully set up inside a machine, measuring, roughly about 20 cubic meters, you will manage all baking and grilling jobs with ease.

Cleaning up after will be easy, especially the glass door at the front, which has double vents so the steam is let out easily.

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