Microwave Buying Guide​

Microwaves have become the staple of the modern kitchen. Want some popcorn for that movie? Heat up those noodles for that quick and easy dinner? The microwave is the answer to quickly and easily reheat and cook food.  There are a number of different versions and designs which can suit different kitchens including conventional and convection microwaves. These can either come in countertop and inbuilt forms. 

Conventional microwaves are great affordable options for small households that just need to defrost and reheat things. They are super simple to use and are powerful enough to get your dinner ready on the go quickly. Convection microwaves provide a few more cooking options than their conventional counterparts. Convection microwaves heat the chamber as well as using microwaves to cook the food, so there's nice even heat. This allows food to be browned and grilled instead of just heated up like a traditional microwave. 

Countertop microwaves are perfect for renters or people who have space in their kitchen to place the microwave in a convenient bench-top location or pre-existing cavity designed for stand alone microwaves. If using a cavity make sure there is plenty of room for ventilation around the microwave. In-built microwaves are great high-end machines that can be installed almost anywhere in a kitchen. When installed by a licensed professional they can add a great look to any kitchen. 

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