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Types of Portable Fans: A Shopping Guide

A portable fan that can be moved around the different rooms of a property can be a useful accessory for any householder to own. These are most commonly used as a way of keeping cool on warmer days although there are also heating fans that can be used for warmth in colder weather. When shopping for the best portable fans, here are some common types you need to be familiar with.

Floor Fan

As the name suggests these are designed to sit at floor level and typically comprise fan blades encased in a protective metal grille that is set on a low stand. Common features include vertical tilt adjustment, three speed settings, and a swing mechanism that allows the fan to move from side to side. They can be useful in seating areas and dining areas to provide a cooling breeze just above floor level.

Pedestal Fan

These are similar in style to floor fans, with the one exception being that they are set on a taller pedestal that places the fan higher above the ground. The pedestal is typically adjustable so that the fan can be set at a height of aroundone to one and a half meters. They can be useful in locations where people are standing working such as a kitchen or in a bedroom where the fan is high enough to blow a breeze down onto a bed.

Tower Fans

Tower fans are tall, slim models that can bring a stylish look to a home and have the advantage that they provide a cooling airflow at different heights. The most common style features a central column with fans inside that blow air vertically. Vents on the unit can then be opened and closed to release the flow of air at the required height. Many also oscillate to spread the airflow over a wider area. The slim design means they take up less space to make them useful for smaller rooms and many come with remote controls to make them more convenient to operate.

Bladeless Fans

A more recent innovation is the development of bladeless fans and these are a modern looking appliance. This can fit in well with contemporary home décor and the makers claim they provide a more constant flow of air. The fan is actually hidden in the base of the appliance and draws in air then pushes it up into a ring that directs the flow into the surrounding area. It can be a safer option because there are no external blades spinning that kids or pets might touch and it is definitely a different look from more traditional fans.

Heating Fans

During colder weather a heating fan can be a simple way to bring some comfort to a room. The fan blows air so that it first passes over a heating element to warm it up and then out into the room. This provides some warmth to take away the chill. In some products the heating element can be switched off so that the fan is capable of producing a cooling airflow as well.

No matter the climate you live in, it can be sensible to have a portable fan available that can be easily moved around to where it is needed. Those shown above are some of the more common options and the variety available should let you choose the style that best suits your needs.

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