Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets

When choosing an electric blanket, a person should be extremely careful to ensure that he gets one that will keep him warm during winter nights and make his bed comfortable to sleep in whatever the weather.

These blankets come in two types:

  • Over blankets - These are blankets that stay on top of the bedding and ensure that the bed has a constant temperature at night.
  • Under-blankets - These blankets are put over the mattress and warm the inside of the bed.

When buying an electric blanket, one should consider the following;


Electric blankets come in different sizes to fit different types of beds, so a person should ensure that he/she chooses the appropriate size to fit his/her bed, whether it’s a small single bed or a king-sized bed. These blankets should however not be used on baby cots according to the Electrical Safety Council.

Settings and Features

A good electric blanket should have more than just the on/off switch. It should have the following;

  • A range of heat settings - These enable a person to change the temperature of the blanket depending on the weather.
  • Timer programs - These enable the blanket to automatically switch off after a pre-set time when a person does not want the blanket on all night.
  • Temperature sensors - These make sure that the bed has a constant temperature all through the night.

A good electric blanket should be fitted. It should have darts and gatherings on its corners to ensure that it keeps in place and does not keep on falling off.

It should also be machine washable and have the ability to be dried in a tumble drier to ensure that it doesn’t give the owner a hard time when cleaning it.

The Controls

An electric blanket should have easy to use controls so that the owner can use it without any difficulty, they should be understandable and easy to read. Whether a blanket is designed to be left on overnight or is to heat up the bed before you get in, one thing that a person should always do is to follow the instructions.

As a safety precaution according to the Electric Safety council, a person should replace their electric blanket every 10 years. This is because an electric blanket is considered as an electric appliance which after ten years is old and should be replaced. This further means that you should never buy a second hand electric mattress.

Comfort Feature

The blankets comfort depends on its fabric and its creation. You should not feel any wiring, that is why the blanket should be made of cotton, polyester, fleece, microfiber and synthetic. Additional Advantages

  • Reduction of dust mites - Dust mites thrive in moist surroundings and an electric blanket has drying properties that get rid of the moisture so the mites cannot thrive. Thus, mites known to cause breathing problems and irritation are eliminated.
  • Saves your money - You can lower the thermostat so that your electricity bill does not go high and still have a very warm night.

When choosing a good electric blanket, comfort, durability and safety should be a priority.

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