Air Conditioners

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Keen to cool off?

Want to cool down on those hot summer days? Every Australian household needs an air conditioner to both escapes the heat in the summer and to warm up in the winter. Different sizes and different designs can give great options for your household!

Most air conditioners are split systems with one component of the unit containing the compressor and the cooling unit sitting outside the house. These systems are quieter than other systems, and the compressor unit sits outside the home. These systems are also more efficient and cooling larger areas.

Inverter air conditioners can produce various temperatures for a room to have a diverse temperature range. Inverter air conditioners are cheaper to run in the long term although they are more expensive to purchase initially. Reverse cycle air conditioners can provide both cooling and heating functions making them more versatile for use in both summer and winter.

Make sure you check the energy ratings when looking to buy a new air conditioner as there are different ratings for both the cooling and heating systems in the air conditioner. Come and talk to one of our experts online or in store to find the right air conditioner to keep you cool in the summer. 

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