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Best Advice on Window Mounted Air Conditioner

We all look forward for the summertime. This is especially true when we are right in the middle of the winter and the temperatures are extremely low. The ideal summer breeze with the soft sun shining down smoothly is no doubt very refreshing. However, the ideal summer weather may tide and usher in the sweltering heat. Staying indoors becomes unbearable as you cannot stop sweating in the burning heat. You need not worry about the heat anymore. The window air conditioners provide the right atmosphere in the house so you can enjoy basking in the outside sun and relax in your house as you wish.

Air conditioners have been around for a very long time. With so many brands and products in the market it is pretty easy to get confused on the best machine. The mounted window air conditioners are a variant of the common central air conditioners. These products are more likely to save the power bills since they focus on specific places in the house. They are easily portable and more versatile compared to the traditional air conditioners. They can be mounted on the window as well as on the walls.

What to Look for

There are many brands which offer the most efficient and quality air conditioners. The rising popularity and positive reviews from customers is one indicator to check out if you are shopping for a window type air conditioner that provide the most efficient way to stay cool.

Window mounted conditioners range in price depending on the functionality and capabilities of the products. The wide range of products provides options from temperature to humidity control.


Make sure to check various brands and select one that is packed with a lot of exciting features. Select products that come with functional and easy to read or control remote. One notable feature is a reverse cycle system with both cooling and heating capabilities of Kelvinator. On the flip side however, it does not have a dehumidifier function and a room sensor for some. With these things in mind, it can provide real value for money.

You may want to see product ranges which include the 2.70kW cooling/ 2.45kW heating, 3.90kW/3.6kW, 5.3kW/4.8kW and the 6.0kW/5.5kW. They all feature the reverse cycle system with no dehumidifier function. Their capability and capacity depends on the level of heating or cooling ability. As such the highly priced conditioners will give improved performance in terms of cooling or heating the room.

Performance and Reliability

Look for units that perform pretty fast and are able to work quietly. They should also be very durable and provides easy installation and the ability to be moved from one point to another. For a small area of say 200 to 400 square feet, the 2.2kW/1.9kW can do a pretty god job. However, various customer reviews and ratings of two for most of the low capability conditioners should make one to rethink their suitability and performance. Also the prices seem to be on the higher side compared to other brands and products in the market. For instance the GE AELo6LS window conditioner that is able to efficiently perform most of the functions is extremely affordable.

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