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Split-System Air Conditioners

Split systems are normally categorized in two main forms, which are ductless system and the central system.

The ductless typically supplies chilled air to a singular room or a few rooms in a building. This system does not require going through major renovations, resulting in a very negligible mess being made during its installation. It is non-bulky, therefore does not take up a lot of space. The ductless system is usually mounted high on the wall limiting obstruction of movement. For commercial settings, ceiling mounted or in-ceiling mounted systems are available.

The central air conditioning system provides whole-house or large commercial space cooling. It offers temperature control capacity for more than one zone. Although it is quite expensive to acquire you will enjoy energy savings for years to come. It is usually cheaper to maintain when compared to the ductless system and it requires less energy to operate.

There are some central systems available that have achieved low operation sound. This enables a comfortable working environment while maintaining silence. Split systems are usually permanently fixed but there are some which are portable. They are essentially indoor units that are easy to move around an area while connected to flexible pipes. This particular brand has gained favorable repute for its affordability.

When selecting a system that is appropriate for you, there are some things that should be considered.


The size is important to consider when making a choice of what to purchase. A system which is too small will not do a good job of cooling the area, while one that is too large may cool a room too quickly leaving no time for the moisture to leave the room, leaving it cold and clammy.

Noise Test

If you are a light sleeper or are generally averse to noise, look for a system that has scored either very good or excellent on the noise test.

Automatic Features

If you would like an air conditioner that maintains its operations even when you are absent, you can select a system with auto start. This feature automatically starts the system when preset conditions are met.

Voltage Capacity

The voltage capacity is also important to consider as you would want your AC unit to function effectively without it being a hazard.


Brand reliability is also something to look into as some brands have shown better performance capabilities as compared to others.

The best split air conditioning units keep your home comfortable on even the hottest summer days year after year, using very little energy and making very little noise. The best place to find them is at binglee.com. Visit us and explore your options.

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