Pigeon Pair Fridges

A pigeon pair fridge freezer includes a single upright freezer and fridge that are sold individually, but designed to be used as a pair should someone require both. Here at Bing Lee you will find a wide selection of single pigeon pair fridges that can be bought as a standalone unit or with a freezer of the same styling.

There are several reasons that make the pigeon pair fridge freezer option ideal for many households. They are convenient for smaller kitchens that don’t have the room for both a fridge and freezer or a larger french door fridge. They also offer the option to keep the fridge or freezer in separate rooms depending on which is used more often. Additionally, if any problems occur in your pigeon pair fridge and not the freezer, this means you only have to repair or replace one component, unlike french door, top mount or bottom mount fridges where the fridge and freezer components are all in one.

Pigeon pair and upright fridges are perfect for those budding cooks out there who love to buy and use fresh ingredients. The larger fridge section means you will have plenty of room for fresh ingredients and produce right there in your kitchen.

Our selection of pigeon pair fridge freezers include capacity sizes ranging from 200L to 600L. Being a standalone upright fridge does not mean they lack in all the advanced features that other fridge types have. Selected fridges include features such as temperature controls, door alarms, frost free technology, ECO/holiday modes for power and energy efficiency and much more. Our fridges each stand with sleek exterior designs that will elevate your kitchen space. Choose from stainless steel or traditional fridge white.

With modern designs and advanced features you’ll find all the best brands on the market, including Miele fridges and Westinghouse fridges. If you have any questions about our pigeon pair fridge freezer selection contact one of our experts online or in store today.

Talk to one of our experts to check out our great range of appliances online or in store. Shop our full collection of fridges & freezers for more options including integrated fridges, bar fridges or a bottom mount fridge. And don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with one of our several interest free payment options.


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